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Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008


Selamat datang!

We're happy to welcome Indonesian into the AdSense for search family. If you manage a site in Indonesian, you can now begin generating AdSense revenue by displaying search boxes on your pages.

To put you in an Indonesian mindset, we've provided some interesting facts about Indonesia:
• Indonesia is made up of 17,500 islands and is the world's largest archipelagic state. It has a population of over 200 million, making it the world's fourth most populous country.
• The largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur, is located in Indonesia and is a ninth century monument.
• Indonesia is the native home of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world.
Visit the AdSense Setup tab of your account to get started with AdSense for search today!

Meet an India payments specialist
We recently sat down with Amrita Kamat, a payments specialist in our Hyderabad office, to find out more about payments in India.

When you're not at work, where would one find you?

In gaming parlors -- I love gaming! Counter-Strike is one of my current favorites. Running around and fighting opponents (while still sitting on the comfort of my sofa and sipping a hot mug of coffee) is the highlight of my weekend. I also love the outdoors, trekking, and sports like badminton and basketball.

There are a few payment-related issues specific to India. What tips do you have for Indian publishers?

I have a 5-point Mantra for payments for Indian publishers:
1. Enter an accurate, complete address – I'd recommend updating your address in this way:

2. Choose INR checks over USD checks – This will reduce the bank charges levied (if any) to convert the dollar checks to Indian rupees. Also, the INR checks will be easy to process.
3. Set a self-hold – If you've reached $100 in unpaid earnings and would like to get paid once in 2 months or once every 6 months, we have an option to set a self-hold. Accumulate your earnings and receive a bigger check in the future. Don't forget that you'll need to remove the hold before the 15th of the month to be paid in that month.
4. Use Secured Express Delivery – For tension-free delivery of your hard-earned money, try our Secured Express Delivery option, which will cost you US$25 for the DHL charges -- the check will be delivered at your doorstep within 10 days.
5. Understand your payment cycle - Please go through the Payments Demo to understand when payments are processed. It's an 11-minute demo that is well worth your time!
Why do checks and PINs take longer to reach Indian publishers? What are the other options?

This can happen because of incorrect mailing addresses and the postal service. While nothing much can be done about the postal service at this time, I'd again recommend that you update your physical address -- an accurate house number and/or house name can make a big difference to how a postman will locate your house. If you're relocating, feel free to place a self-hold on your account until you've completed the relocation process. Please ensure that your address is updated before the 15th, and the address doesn’t exceed the 35-character limit in each line. Finally, the only alternative for receiving checks right now is to choose Secured Express Delivery checks over Standard Delivery checks.

Any weekend plans?

This weekend I am off to Bangalore to catch up with a few friends. We've planned a bicycle trip to Nandi Hills for a picnic. In the evening, we intend to make good use of the new telescope one of my friends acquired recently. Isn’t star-gazing on a Sunday evening an ideal way to end an eventful weekend?

Mid-day more than midway to success
Note: Google does not sell or endorse any registration kits or CDs for the AdSense program. If you have reached this page after being asked to purchase a registration kit or CD, please know that Google is not affiliated with any offers of this nature. To sign-up for a free AdSense account, please visit is a newspaper website for readers in Mumbai, India which has been in the AdSense program since 2005. According to Gauri Daswani, who was the Assistant Manager at the time, 50% of the site's revenue is generated through AdSense. "Monetization has become much easier with the AdSense model," she says. "To ensure good results from AdSense, it is imperative that we create compelling content which in turn accounts for a good user experience and definitely benefits Google's advertisers."

Initially, Gauri and her team relied on fixed ad colors and placements. They noticed that the site was earning a similar amount of revenue each month. "We had a problem choosing color codes and ad placements, which we didn't know could actually impact our revenue so drastically," she remembers. But she soon found the benefits of testing with custom channels.

"We placed channels on the ad units and changed the ad positions to understand the performance of each unit, resulting in much higher revenue," she says. For example, Gauri added a 300x250 medium rectangle to the bottom of each article and moved her link unit from the right sidebar to the left. In addition, she updated the colors of her ad and link units to match the look and feel of the rest of her site. Together, all of these changes resulted in a 60% increase in revenue.

"It is now easy to optimize the site's performance with custom channels. They give us a complete picture of how different ads are performing on our site, and help us to compare all ad units and pages," Gauri comments. Even now, her team continues to experiment with other changes to find what will perform best for "We have learned that subtle changes can produce significant results."

EFT launched in Hungary and Hong Kong
We're happy to announce that publishers located in Hungary and Hong Kong can now sign up to receive payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). With EFT, your earnings will be directly deposited into your bank account so won't need to wait for checks to arrive in the mail and clear at the bank. Signing-up for EFT is a simple process, and just involves entering your bank account information, then verifying a small test deposit. Please keep in mind that all EFT payments will be made in your local currency, and the exchange rate is determined at the time of payment.

While EFT is currently only available in a limited number of countries, we're working on expanding our payment options and will announce any updates right here on the blog.

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