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Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

secured loans :13 Successful Secret

13 Successful Secret


" Desire" differing from " want". Desire [is] want you Which have inject with emotion. Want only kill time. Feel " wish" make only You frustration. What You need [is] desire, that is the spirit [of], ghirah, or even obsession. Desire-Lah to activate " attraction of law". Desire [is] " passion burning". To have desire, inseminate positive emotion into Your desire. How to? Try to differentiate this
" I will bear away class
" I will bear away class! I have to bear away class


Faith [is] confidence. You Please recollect My motivation [at] previous posting
[Whether/ what] You will be illusive for the successfulness of Your?
Or, You will be illusive that You cannot reaching it
Andrie Wongso say, " Success [is] My rights!" Yes, real correct [he/she]. That because, fighting for and reach Your rights. The right to success. Tha0074 also because, You have to sure that You (it) is true of success
Confidence You need to be straightened. Dropp it to believe a successfulness, just because that successfulness have proven pursuant to history note. Start to believe new successfulness which have never there [is]. You just may be hope success like them which have success. But, know that Your successfulness [is] very unique in character
Dropp it to believe successfulness, only on the basis of verification history. Dropp it to conceive success, [at] any kind of which have proven previously. Start to believe Your own successfulness. Your unique Successfulness and nothing that coming up to it. Why? Because Your mind, [is] object which is is " creative" and non " kompetitif"!


Often mengafirmasi yourself [by] xself. Is important to replace various negative mind and pessimist, with mind which are positive and optimism.
Comprehend this analogy
Mango which is many and enjoy, sleep as seed
balmy and luxuriant car, started from whoop it up factory, dusty and dirty
Each;Every successfulness, its seed in Your head
If that seed [is] healthy, goodness, and strength, hence mind You'D realize successfulness


You should be able to differentiate information from fact. You have to have knowledge which [is] aplikatif. And You, application should be able to science, membership, and Your knowledge. Science And knowledge which only [in] head, of no use


Imagination You can in form of two kinds of is. First " synthetic imagination", and secondary " creative imagination". Differentiate both, and dropp it to use synthetic imagination
Synthetic imagination, emerge Your manakala imagine about something new, though You only compile to repeat mind collection and Your prejudice previously. With raw material which [is] " jadul", hence Your imagination also will fixed " jadul". Successful [of] You, beyond question " jadul". Imagination You'D become imagination pursuant to Your own prejudice. Is not creative and less objective. Follow the example of
Boosting up sale.
Making quicker car.
more effective Irrigating system
Nothing wrong with all that, however Your successfulness become is smaller, because easier (it) is true reaching it. For the successfulness of larger ones, You have to dare to familiarize [at] creative imagination
All that is not the part of success, but the part of " obligation [of] operational" You. You (it) is true [doing/conducting] it, but that non Your successfulness goals.


Familiarizing You to write down target in detail and concrete. Difference [among/between] dream [in] good plan and daytime, [is] on detail and [his/its] concrete. [Is] [do] not [is] easy to [done/conducted], but You have to remain to striving it. This is result research into Napoleon Hill
95% one who have target written and daily nya it, ending in to reach successfulness
95% one who [do] not have and [do] not [doing/conducting] it, ending in failure


Your Decision [is] vitally matter. Why? Because Your decision [is] reflection from working of Your mind. See that Your mind function is to chosen alias decide. Your Mind characteristic, according to its root word, [is] " tied". Tied [at] what? Tied [at] choice
Remember also always especial mistake in taking decision, that is lose time, excessively change, and untimely change


Remember law which [is] is one this
Prosperity = Purpose + Passion + Persistence
That Persisten [of] istiqomah
Calvin Coolidge tell
" In persistence of place the take can world the Nothing. Will note Talent; talent with men unsuccessful than common more is nothing. Will note genius; proverb a almost is genius unrewarded. Will note Education; derelicts educated of full is world the. And omnipotent acre alone determination Persistence


You have to develop;build network. You also have to develop;build mastermind. According to Napoleon Hill, 1 + 1 = 3. Its intention, two mind which [is] strengthening each other, will yield third idea which have the power of very big. You cannot be selfsupporting, You have to work along with others


See that Your mind, [is] eye kasat seed to ditransformasi become a successfulness which [is] real, real, and there [is] physically
Illusive human being can fly, nowadays there [is] aeroplane
Human being fancy can converse by nirkabel, now exist handphone
From eye kasat, becoming reality.


Dropp it natural menomorduakan [of] Your subconscious. Your Nature Subconscious construction yourself. You may mentioning it with intuition, hunch, fitrah, or even kalbu or liver. Accomodate this concept with Your confidence system. Don'T musyrik or trust in superstition. Study natural system [of] Your subconscious truly with spiritial counsellor [of] You
Natural [of] Your subconscious which give sinyal to conscious nature [of] You. Natural [of] Your subconscious [is] system monitor and at the same time forewarning system to You is. If You treat it truly, hence You'D walk [at] real correct direction. Going to Your successfulness


See that Your brain, [is] one unity with Your physical body. Keep in good health and positive side [of] nya, like You keep in good health Your body. Comprehend commandant who is the real in yourself. Your Brain only appliance, " Anda"-Lah which giving comand to it. Forget yes


This non klenik, also non superstition
Your Ke-Enam Indera, [is] number secret combination 1 up to 12 above

thirteen successful secret that's, which have more than 20.000 people, and preponderat from 500 people as human being most successful [at] its epoch.

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