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Rabu, 06 Agustus 2008

Omset Business Transaction Pass Internet [in] Tired Jatim Tens Of Milliard Rupiah

Omset Business Transaction Pass Internet [in] Tired Jatim Tens Of Milliard Rupiah

Omset business transaction [pass/through] internet network [in] East Java each month PREDICTED reach tens of rupiah milliard catch up more and more website him giving space to society for the installation of line advertisement free of charge
Perpetrator electronic business circle and housing exploiting free advertisement space [in] a number of website [in] Surabaya and Jakarta to [AMONG/BETWEEN], Monday, assessing that offer [of] goods [pass/through] the the advertisement very effective along with more and more businessman him [in] East Java offering its merchandise [pass/through] internet network.
" Advertisement installation [pass/through] internet network very effective remember this time have millions of East Java citizen exploiting internet for the activity of Heryanto bisnis,"kata one of the routine electronic business perpetrator exploit free advertisement [at] one of [the] special website [of] advertisement [in] Surabaya.
Their confess goods which on the market [pass/through] internet get respon quite a lot among business perpetrator [in] East Java provincial capital.
[All] advertiser enough type goods and title which on the market , fitter obliged to have telephone number and enamel utilize to assist the business transaction fluency.
Hundreds of East Java advertisement type every day disseminate to various website offer various product need [of] domestic, house, land ; ground, motor vehicle, telephone grasp, obat-obatan till arisan related to to have MLM mask and also various antique goods type like keris, jewel stone and lance.
" This time businessmen a lot exploit internet to [do/conduct] its business transaction, they needn't go out house, enough install advertisement following number phone and clear address to facilitate transaksi,"kata contact Mrs. Selvi one of the businessman phone Surabaya seluler.
They examplize one of [the] website [in] Surabaya which can be accessed to [pass/through] at most visited [by] Surabaya business perpetrator circle.
[In] East Java , their word, internet consumer range from two till three million people 40-60% among others exploit internet network for business .

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