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Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008



1. Each applicant shall be responsible to ensure that all following documents
are received along with the complete application by PT Bank Lippo Tbk
(“LB”) no later than June 27, 2008:
(i) Original Completed and Signed Application Form;
(ii) Original Personal Statement (in English);
(iii) Any additional paper to further explain the extracurricular and social
activities in high school only (if any);
(iv) 4 (four) recent passport-size (4x6) color photographs;
(v) Copy of valid Identification Card (KTP/SIM);
(vi) Original official statement of financially disadvantaged status;
(vii) Original Letter of Good Conduct (SKKB) from local Police Department
explaining that you have never been involved in any illegal conduct;
(viii) Certified copy of family card (Kartu Keluarga);
(ix) Copies of the last 3 months electricity bills of your parent’s house;
(x) 2 (two) original completed and signed Reference Form from 2 referrers
(from your high school principle and teacher only). Please refer to the
attached Reference Form (in Bahasa Indonesia);
(xi) Certified copy of Academic Certificate and Academic Transcripts from
the last education.
Late application will not be considered.
2. Please type or write in block letters and black ink.
3. Please complete all sections of the Application and put (-) sign should any of
the section is not applicable to you.
4. Do not submit any original documents unless you are explicitly required to.
5. Do not submit your application form and documents by electronic mail.
6. LB will consider completed application only and will notify the short-listed
applicants to attend the continuing stages of the selection process.

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