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Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008

Congratulation, Indonesian Student Got Two Gold Medals

Congratulation, Indonesian Student Got Two Gold Medals

Students that followed in olympiad that was held in Tbili, Georgia for three days(May 15th-17th 2008) was consist of two teams and both of the teams got medal. They are Mathematic-application computer that done by Yoseph from Tangerang senior high school and Biology team that consist of Muhammad Farhan Barona and Erfan Ramadhani from Fatih Banda Aceh Senior High School.

In mathematics team, Yoseph in his project, Numerical solution for heat equation was success in overcome 27 competitors from other countries In this project that was held for four months, he found method how to counted colories distribution to two dimensions objects. He said that this method could helped engineering to made the electronic run well.
Meanwhile, in Biology team Farhan and Barona in their experiment that was called” Neutralizing contaminated Sea Water by Mangrove” was found that root of mangrove can absorb weight metal and mangrove also can be used to keep the cleanliness of water from the waste of industry manufacture.
Sungkowo Mujimawu as the Trainer director of senior high school directorate general mandikdasmen depdiknas said that it was basic level experiment but in senior high school level it had been trademark for those students.

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