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Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008


Perhaps you have do not intend wrong type the name of situs. Surprisingly, latter even you realize it of[is name of situs / domain which you [enter/include] [in] wrong browser type, but the name of wrong situs type that there [is] its contents like find car insurance ,secured loans ,car insurance florida ,affordable car insurance quote
For example you wish to type but which [is] written [by], or wish to open your friendster situs [is] wrong typing it become Secretory rather than situs which you intend, but that situs contain page;yard which is full of advertisement link-link. This [of] whose work if non act of [all] Expert Park EXAMPLE : yahoo web hosting,domain registration yahoo,cheap webhosting,affiliate per click,pay per click affiliate,domains yahoo,domain name yahoo Secretory rather than situs which you intend, but that situs contain page;yard which is full of advertisement link-link..

What profit and what its loss from to the number of parking domain player making shadow situs with wrong capital type. clear, lah situs visitor to dirygikan. To which still civil with situs-situs model parking, they of mbulet click that link-link and ignore [which/such] its way out even till finish expected link mengeklik few minutes can [go] to situs which he/she look for
Which [is] profit of course [all] expert park. Have paid farm park cheap nya, but its result abundance. [Whether/ what] this is wrong, doesn't [all] expert park to sin. Haha… please [reply/ answer] [by] xself. Before new year commutation day 2007 to 2008 seems more and more just many is [of] expert park ( to be shortened [by] Jukir) indonesia getting love letter from hit [by] Jukir whosoever [is] expulsion, can be seen in its it[him] mas. brokencode.
You who here and now become jukir please hope to worry because at any times similar occurence also can befall you. My thanks still is peaceful ( yes iyalah, its result wong lha [of] aja not yet returned capital from making to buy domain:).
There [is] this mass banned anticipation because the expert park using promotion media or adword of a kind to promote domain alias farm its its[his]. It is said the way of this [is] not enabled by parked [party/ side]. But there [is] which spell out members also in fact just may be. Which then which are is real correct, what is there are some policy taker, for example [among/between] admin one with other admin?
From this blog, emerge anticipation if this mass banned incident caused by Indonesia netter oknum which behave to report to Parked.Com organizer [party/ side]. Is real correct that way. Is it possible that Parked hereinafter of jukir memblacklict from indonesia?
PS. Tut, to you which wish to join or have tried to enlist but still refused [by] interminable [of], please read its it[him] here

[Is] refused [by] Parked.Com, Ask Manual review
Everywhere seemingly again studying many Domain Parking business. Fair to middling [of] this bisns promise. Merely (it) is true have to go out capital more because we have to have domain in front. This valid for parking [in] Parked.Com situs obliging minimum member candidate have 10 domain. (It) is true there [is] other alternative which merely only with domain satu-dua as in namedrive, sedo, and other parking domain service. but is most [of] oke (it) is true [in] Parked.Com. In fact Whypark more is promising, but we have to pay [for] $ 100 ( outside fare buy domain). If which will free of charge and can [enter/include] adsense advertisement, can try [in] Park4Money.
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