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Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Excellence in Predicting the Future Award : affiliate per click

Excellence in Predicting the Future Award

Awarded By Troy Studios
Deadline: 08/10/2008
Deadline Information: There are six deadlines per year, every two months (June 10, Aug. 10, Oct. 10,
Dec. 10, Feb. 10, April 10). Additional information regarding this award is
available online from the Cenimar website. To apply, each applicant must first
sign up for a free account on the Cenimar website
( using his/her email address. Once the
applicant has signed up, he/she will be required to sign in using his/her
temporary password (which will be sent in an email) and then change the
password. The student should then use the Cenimar Prediction Market
( to buy and sell predictions about the future
in the same way that he/she might buy and sell corporate stock on a commercial

stock market. The prediction market trading is done using play money that is
given to the applicant for free.
Once the student begins trading, he/she is
automatically entered into the contest.
Number of Recipients: Six awards offered annually, one every two months.
Award Amount: $400 annually, non-renewable.
Requirements: • This award is for international and U.S. students.
• Must be a high school student or older to apply for this undergraduate and/or
graduate award.
Additional Information: The Excellence in Predicting the Future Award is a $400 cash gift awarded every
two months by Troy Studios to encourage students to pursue economics or
simply to learn more about the world they live in. The award winners are chosen
based on their performance in a contest. The contest is open to all students of all
nations, regardless of field of study. Each award is allocated by calculating an
exchange rate between the I$ (Intel Dollar, combined I$ cash balance plus I$
portfolio earnings) profits and the award money and offer to exchange up to the
I$ profit for award money. Additional information regarding the guidelines for
award allocation are available at When the
applicant signs up, he/she can start off with an I$250.00 signup bonus. After that,
he/she gets a weekly allowance of I$40.00 for every week that he/she logs in at Therefor, the more he/she participates, the more money he/she
has to work with. If the applicant buys and sells wisely, he/she should see the
account balance grow and may even have the option to try to exchange his/her
Intel Dollars (with other Cenimar agents) for real U.S. dollars on the Cenimar
Currency Exchange. The applicant should remember that he/she does not need
to wait until the end of a contract to earn money. If the applicant suspects that a
particular option is going to increase in value in the future then he/she may buy
now and sell again before the contract period expires.
Contact Information:
Provider Name:Troy Studios

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