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Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

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Prospect Use [of] Open Source For the Scale of Company

Last some times this many initiative having the character of " open"; start from software implementation in the form of code source which can be read ( early from source open term), to " content open " ( that is certifiable information which can just be propagated to whom free and - see citation hereunder), openCRM, office open ( open suite office), hardware open ( network, schematik, open IC desain) to " ware course open " ( MIT kuliah eye which can just be accessed by whom). Likely the spirit [of] using word " open" popular medium.

Public Library of Science
"We believe that the permanent, archival record of scientific research and ideas should neither be owned nor controlled by publishers, but should belong to the public, and should be made freely available.
We support the establishment of international online public libraries of science that contain the complete text of all published scientific articles in searchable and interlinked formats."

-- from the Public Library of Science website.
One of [the] exponent from all these [is] initiative " open" this [is] movement " source open", where code source from software can just be read by whom. Even besides can be read, this code source can be used and altered as according to each will;desire. For that emerge term " free" which is [is] virtual to be interpreted as " freedom" freedom, is not " free" meaning free of charge. Nevertheless, product which [is] beraliran " source open" usually (it) is true free of charge. Directory [in] Google.Com show the existence of 555 data ( entry) about source open, that is [in] shares " Computers > Open Source". Some famous source open product example [of] for example:

Apache, web server
Programming languange: perl, PHP
Operating system: Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Tools yang dikembangkan oleh Free Software Foundation (FSF) yang sering dikenal dengan nama GNU tools1, seperti misalnya C compiler (gcc).
Portal creation: phpnuke2, postnuke3

Advantage And Disadvantage Open Source

Product Open source assumed always bring advantage, specially by [all] promotor from this source open movement. [is] Other here, [all] source anti-open show weakness or loss from source open. Let us study some source open in suffiency and advantage

To the number of energy ( SDM) to do project. Human resource represent one of [the] fundamental element in development software. Project of source open usually draw many developer. For example, Apache web server development draw thousands of people to follow mengembangan and watch.
Mistake ( bugs, error) found quicker and improve;repaired. Because its amount [of] plenty (of) nya and [is] not limited, hence possibility to detect bigger bugs. Visual [of] inspection ( eye-balling) represent one of [the] methodologies seeking [of] most effective bugs. Besides, because available code source, hence each and everyone can propose repair without having to await from vendor
"Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. (Linus Torvalds)”
Quality of result more well guaranted. Because to the number of one who evaluate, quality of product earn is better. For example, Apache represent source open server web which is at most used [by] people [in] world. But this matter only valid for source open product which is [is] crowded to be developed [by] people. [Do] not forever source open product developed by many people. There [is] many just developed source open product by individually.
More peaceful ( secure). Because of open in character, hence source open product can be evaluated by whom even also. Scrutinity Public represent one of [the] important component in the field of security. In general (it) is true source open have peaceful potency to be more though he/she [do] not happened automatically. This matter [is] reached [by] if/when obscurity by security non becoming target the core important. ( Seeing part of Reference, Peter Neumann article
Cost effective. Most this developer [is] not paid / to be employed. Expense can be economized and used for the expenditure of which cannot be delayed, like for example buying server for the hosting of web.
[Do] not repeat development. Repetition ( wheel the re-inventing) representing extravagance. Existence of open code source make way to programmer someone to see solution which have been done by others. But practically remain to many repetition. See Freshmeat.Net situs to know to the number of product giving [is] same solution.

Lack of SDM which can exploit source open. One of [the] especial advantage from source open movement [is] the existence of the availibility of code source. But this availability become without effect if existing SDM cannot using it, cannot understand the code source. Existing SDM in the reality only can use just product. If it does, hence (are) all the same to source open product and which [is] proprietary and closed.
No Protection inexistence. Mostly people still assume that asset merupkan code source which must be taken care of its [his/its]. This matter [is] related to the level of effort which have been [released] to make the the product. Because open in character, source open earn di-abuse by people to steal others masterpiece and idea.

Readiness of source open product
Many people assume that that opened [by] code source unfavourable usually its quality and [do] not ready to vie with commercial product. Following [is] some source open product example [of] which can be used for the process of business. Complete list can be seen from various situs, like from situs " " and Sourceforge . Result of browsing cusorily [in] freshmeat show the existence of 225 project related to " Office / Business". Meanwhile [in] Sourceforge there [is] 1231 project ( data up to March 2002). If [counted/calculated] as a whole ( [do] not only product for the office of / business), hence there [is] tens of thousand source open product. Data from Sourceforge ( March 2002) showing more than 35000 project of source open. In general earn me say that source open product have ready for used [by] [at] commercial scale.

Productivity Office
1.Star office. This Product represent kompatibel version from Microsoft Office. In the begining Staroffice represent free product which developed by Stardivision, a company [in] Germany. Later;Then this company [is] bought by Sun Microsystems and Staroffice become product from distributed Sun Microsystems free of charge. However in the end company [of] Sun will be commercial [of] this product. Instead there [is]
2. Openoffice product " Openoffice. Representing open and free suite office product in the place of Staroffice becoming closed. Abiword represent free wordprocessor, source open, and multiplatform like shown [by] [at] above picture. But still many features which must be developed [by] before Abiword can become Microsoft Word class wordprocessor.

" Mysql “.
Mysql represent source open database which is at most used [by] people. If joined forces with Ianguage pemrograman [of] PHP and Apache server web, hence this combination represent one of [the] Internet software infrastructure
" PostgreSQL
. Representing database which also have the character of source open.
Still many other source open product to finish place [in] this handing out if have to be told one by one. There [is] finansial application, Of Sale Point ( POST), to tools to develop;build site web e-commerce. In general its use for example
1. Server Mail: sendmail, qmail, postfix
2. Server Web: apache
3. Creation Portal: phpnuke, postnuke

Many company have big which support use [of] source open product, for example IBM, and Compaq.

this Brief Handing out study about readiness of source open product, specially for the requirement of business. In general earn I inform that source open product have earned to be used to replace product which [is] proprietary. Some place, even very popular situs [in] Internet ( like Google) using source open product as part of its operation.

BAYU HADI PRASETYO born 17 juni 1988.

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